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Nominate an awesome dad for a FREE SCAN at Health 1st and get a shot at winning some incredible prizes! 🏆 The more dads you refer, the better your chances to score big! Don’t miss out on the fun and these epic rewards!

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Free Neurological Scans for Dads 

For the month of June Health 1st Chiropractic & Wellness Center is offering FREE nervous system scans for all dads. These scans are essential for checking nervous system adaptability, the secret weapon for staying on top of your game! Forward to a friend or schedule your pops by calling or texting us at 651-455-5463. 

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In a world saturated with quick fixes and instant gratification, the 75 Hard Challenge stands out as a beacon of discipline and resilience. Created by entrepreneur and author Andy Frisella, this program is not just about fitness; it’s a transformative mental toughness challenge designed to push you beyond your limits and cultivate a mindset of unwavering determination.


I was at a place where I needed to push myself outside of the monotony of everyday life. Whether you're seeking to break through a plateau, build new habits, or fundamentally transform your life, the 75 Hard Challenge offers a unique and rigorous path to achieving those goals. The best time to start is NOW! 

What is the 75 Hard Challenge? 

The 75 Hard Challenge is a 75-day program with a specific set of rules that must be followed without compromise. These rules are designed to develop mental toughness, self-discipline, and perseverance. Here’s what the challenge entails: 


  • Follow a diet: Any diet of your choosing, but it must be structured with no cheat meals or alcohol. 

  • Two 45-minute workouts daily: One must be outdoors, regardless of weather conditions. 

  • Drink a gallon of water each day. 

  • Read 10 pages of a non-fiction book: No audiobooks allowed; this must be actual reading. 

  • Take a daily progress photo. 


Failure to adhere to any of these rules means starting over from day one, regardless of how far you've come.

Why Take on the 75 Hard Challenge? 

  • Build Mental Resilience The core of the 75 Hard Challenge is mental toughness. In today’s world, distractions and comforts are abundant, making it easy to give up when things get tough. This challenge forces you to push through those moments, building a resilient mindset that can handle adversity in all areas of life…mental fortitude. 

  • Develop Unwavering Discipline Following a strict regimen for 75 days straight instills a sense of discipline that can be carried over into your professional and personal life. The consistency required to complete the challenge reinforces the habit of sticking to commitments, which is essential for success in any field. 

  • Enhance Physical Fitness While the challenge is not purely about fitness, the requirement of two daily workouts ensures that you will see significant physical improvements. The outdoor workout component encourages you to embrace nature and adapt to different environments, enhancing your physical resilience. This has been my favorite component of the challenge having a positive impact on reducing my cortisol levels. My previous mindset has always been centered around intense workouts but my daily weighted vest walks are something I look forward to daily. 

  • Improve Nutritional Habits Adhering to a diet without cheat meals for 75 days will help you understand your body’s nutritional needs better and develop healthier eating habits. This rule eliminates the temptation of junk food, ultra processed foods, sweets and promotes a more mindful approach to eating all while saving money. 

  • Cultivate a Reading Habit The requirement to read 10 pages of a non-fiction book daily helps you to continuously educate yourself and develop a growth mindset. This habit can spark new ideas, enhance your knowledge, and provide insights that can be applied to your daily life. 

  • Track Your Progress Taking a daily progress photo might seem trivial, but it provides a visual representation of your journey. This practice helps you to see the tangible results of your efforts, motivating you to keep pushing forward. 

Tips for Success 

  • Plan Ahead: Prepare your meals in advance, schedule your workouts, and set a reading time. Planning is key to ensuring you don’t miss any requirements.  


  • Stay Accountable: Share your journey with a friend or join a community of others who are also taking on the challenge. Accountability can significantly boost your commitment. 


  • Embrace the Outdoor Workout: Weather conditions can be challenging, but this is where mental toughness is built. Stay on top of the weather, dress appropriately and find activities you enjoy outdoors. 


  • Stay Hydrated: Drinking a gallon of water daily can be tough, so keep a water bottle with you at all times and pace yourself throughout the day. 

  • Reflect on Your Progress: Keep a journal of your experiences, challenges, and victories. Reflecting on your journey can provide motivation and insight.

Transformed by Discipline: My Path through 75 Hard

As I find myself deep in the midst of the 75 Hard Challenge, I am undoubtedly experiencing the highs and lows that come with such a rigorous journey. Every day presents new obstacles and opportunities for growth. I’ve faced moments of doubt, fatigue, and even frustration, but I’ve also experienced the thrill of pushing through barriers and achieving milestones I once thought impossible. The 75 Hard Challenge is not for the faint of heart. 


Reflecting on how far I’ve come since starting this challenge, I can see the discipline I’ve cultivated, the resilience I’ve built, and the physical and mental changes I’ve undergone. I am no longer the same person who began this journey; I am stronger, more focused, and more capable. 


I remember that the 75 Hard Challenge is not just about reaching the finish line; it’s about embracing the process and the lessons learned along the way. Each day I adhere to the rules, I reinforce the habits and mindset that will serve me long after the challenge is over on July 28th. 


I stay committed to my goals and continue to push myself even when it feels difficult. I trust in the process and remember that every step I take is a step towards a more resilient and empowered version of myself. I am capable of greatness, and the transformation I am undergoing is proof of my incredible potential. 


I keep moving forward, stay disciplined, and embrace the journey. The finish line is not the end but the beginning of a new chapter in my life, one defined by the strength, discipline, and mental toughness I’ve forged through the 75 Hard Challenge. If you are looking to challenge yourself while building mental fortitude, I am happy to be an accountability partner for any of you.  

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