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Product of the Month

MOM-orial Day Weekend Tech Detox 

As a mom, there's nothing I love more than seeing my kid's face light up—not by the glow of his screens, but by the joy of real-world adventures. This Memorial Day, we're trading our tablets for farm babies, our smartphones for sports gear, and our video games for playing in the sand at the beach.  

Why a Tech Detox? 

In our fast-paced, tech-driven world, it’s easy for screen time to take over family time. Between work emails, social media, and X-Men reboots on Disney+, the constant connection can be overwhelming. A tech detox allows us to reset and reconnect with not only each other but with our family’s core values.  

Our Detox Weekend 

Checking out the Farm babies at the MN Zoo!  

It’s farm baby season at the Minnesota Zoo! My son and I love animals, so adorable farm babies are right up our alley!  I think we can learn so much from engaging with nature and animals, I think this is a great way to stay tech-free for the day!


Fun and Games at Harmon Park in West Saint Paul 

Harmon Park is ideal for a screen-free weekend. With its spacious playground, splash pad, and ample green space, it’s perfect for a day of play. Think about organizing a family baseball game to bring out everyone's competitive spirit and cool off at the splash pad afterwards!

Beach Day on the St. Croix  

The beach is my happy place! I’m so thankful my son enjoys playing in the sand and water. We pack lunch, plenty of water, and a Bluetooth speaker and spend hours out there. When I’m not getting pulled to play, I enjoy reading, enjoying the beauty that God created, and being thankful I’m here to enjoy it.


Benefits of a Tech Detox 

  • Quality Family Time: Without screens, we were able to engage in meaningful conversations and experiences. 

  • Physical Activity: The outdoor activities kept us moving and active, which is great for everyone's health. 

  • Mental Refresh: Stepping away from screens allowed us to relax and de-stress, leading to a happier and more connected family. 

Tips for a Successful Tech-Free Weekend 

  • Plan Ahead: Having a plan for each day helped us stay on track and ensured we had everything we needed. 

  • Pack Essentials: Bring plenty of water and snacks. 

  • Stay Flexible: While it's good to have a plan, be open to spontaneous adventures and adjustments based on everyone's energy levels and interests. 

Looking Ahead

I realized that while technology has its place, nothing can replace the bonds formed and memories made through shared experiences in nature. If you’re wanting to join in on a MOM-orial Day Weekend Detox, this would be the ideal time! You never know, you may integrate tech-free weekends as a regular part of your family’s routine!  

Golf Balls

Perks Program Highlight

Mini Golf, Escape Room, and Arcade

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*Must be an active Wellness Club member to receive perk.

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