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New Year’s Resolution Realities: Navigating the Journey to Success in 2024

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Setting New Year’s resolutions marks the beginning of a journey toward self-improvement and personal growth. Many of us embrace the opportunity to reflect on the past year and envision positive changes in the future.

Crafting resolutions is a tradition that symbolizes a commitment to achieving goals, fostering healthier habits, and embracing new opportunities in 2024.

However, research suggests that many fall short of achieving their goals, only 9% of Americans complete their resolutions and 43% quit by the end of January. 

Why do we set intentions to improve yet few of us fulfill our goals and resolutions? 

To enhance your success, consider specific, measurable objectives, detailed plans, checkpoints, and rewards along the way. Maintain unwavering faith in yourself, combat doubt, and enlist someone for accountability. It helps if your accountability partner is on a journey of growth as well. Reflect on the beliefs and behaviors that need adjustment for your resolutions to flourish. Lastly, shut down self-sabotage behaviors or thoughts.   

Little thing I learned about self-sabotage…the choices and habits that we can’t stop engaging in no matter how destructive or limiting they may be, are intelligently designed by our subconscious to meet an unfulfilled need, displaced emotion, or desire. Awareness of this helped with that constant disappointment when I would set a goal and fail. I gave myself grace and have embarked on a journey of working with a subconscious therapist. 

To overcome these self-sabotage behaviors or choices requires an understanding of why those impulses exist in the first place? Essentially, we have two conflicting desires, one is conscious and the other subconscious. If you are keeping something in your life, the key is to figure out why? Figuring this out could help you get past your upper limit, stop self-sabotaging, and become part of that 9% that completes their resolutions! 

The Health 1st team would love to help by inviting you to join our 6-week Challenge. Each of us has chosen a personal, financial, and professional goal to focus on hitting. We will be posting updates on our social media.

Make sure to follow along @health1stchiros on Instagram and Facebook!

Brittany Morey

My personal goal is to lose 17 pounds. This goal is important to me to be healthier and reduce the stress on my body for longevity.  

Brandon Scott

For my 6-week challenge I wanted to set a goal for myself to have an extra $300 saved than I normally do for my financials. It might not seem like a lot, but I know that when I meet this goal that I’m on the path to better budgeting and saving! 

Annette Heintz

My personal goal is to eliminate all processed “man-made” SUGAR including stevia and honey. This is important to me as it helped reduce migraines and lose weight in the past. I have done it in the past, hoping I have the strength to do it again!

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